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Wholesale fair trade & eco products for all.

Greetings! Since Motif began in 1998 our goal remains to grow our fair trade business by helping to grow yours … together then we help grow the amazing families and communities who make our on trend, handmade products for fashion and home.

Check out our fairtrade and eco friendly ranges, handmade bags, accessories, jewelry, home and stationery, exclusively handmade products with recycled and natural materials ... then register for wholesale prices when you're ready. Our Fair Trade certified manufacturer and exporter team at Motif, look forward to being your committed ‘behind the scenes’ wholesale fair trade support.

Any questions or thoughts to share just contact us and we'll respond in 1-2 working days.

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Looking Forward,

FUSION HOME - strong and stylish home accessories to complement our FUSION bags, etc. Sturdy upcycled denim teamed with eye-catching kantha for eco-chic alternative lunch bags, tabletop, storage and more!

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