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We're in the middle of a most amazing month ... MAY!

Amazing May for Celebration ...

... and so, on a personal note, it's a fun-fact that the other Amazing May in my life is my mum - it's her middle name! Which makes it even more special that on May 1st we danced the night away at Buddy Guy's in Chicago before she returned home to England!

Seriously! We got swept out with the clean-up at 1.30am ... I SO want to be my mother at 77 ... don't tell her I told you ;)

We had a fantastic month, so many great memories made together - a veritable springboard...

It's April. The month of the Rana Plaza garment factory disaster in Bangladesh in 2013. The month to remember and recommit to the Fashion Revolution for Fair Trade.

The Canadian Fair Trade Network's imaginative campaign, THE LABEL DOESN'T TELL THE WHOLE STORY drives home the desperate truth about fast fashion and non-fair trade production of all we consume.


Rather than reproduce details here,

Independence Day! Many nations have them and all celebrate the day with pride. Bangladesh is covered in red and green on March 26th each year. Everyone enjoys the day but this year it brought an even greater sense of relief – a much needed break from the depressing cycle of strikes, blockades and petrol bombs.


What a great week full of so much that's good and great about Bangladesh - the kind of stuff that doesn't make the news - but does make a difference!

Back to the Future!

Like a truly special visit to Motif's leather suppliers Babul, Forkan and their families. We've worked together since the start in 1998, sharing the ups and downs of any good relationship. As business has grown they've even bought their own homes and workshops! So, it was a superb opportunity to meet and celebrate their success AND the growing number of artisans they employ.

Riding there was a blast! Dhaka's rating as 9th largest...

An amazing first week here in Bangladesh! So fitting we celebrated International Women's Day on March 8th as I've connected with two of the most precious Bangladeshi women in my life, Mrs Carol Alexander and Anwara Begum. Both beautiful, strong examples of life lived with joy and grace. Both women inspire me and countless others too. Thank You God for these wonderful women - may they continue to know you more and make you...

As I head off into the wide blue yonder today it's exciting to know I'll be meeting up with wonderful family and friends again - doesn't that always bring a smile to your face too!? Both in the UK and in Bangladesh there are SO many precious relationships to enjoy together.

Our recent Motif Newsletter, CONNECT - where Fair Trade means business, is all about relationships too. If you've not read it already, grab your favourite brew - fair trade of course -...

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