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Let's face it - when they knock on the door at Halloween, telling kids that their bulging candy sacks help keep kids their age in slavery is not the sort of scary story they're expecting ... but it's true ... so what to do?

At our door we've a stack of Fair Trade chocolate minis and other goodies plus a great info card that I hand, with a sweet word and a smile, to a nearby adult. It's always appreciated - especially with a 10% off coupon attached!


Cocoa Production

It’s the middle of celebration week around our house and we’re loving it! With both birthdays and our anniversary in the space of a few days there’s plenty of fun and lots of luvverly surprises from around the world - just in time for Fair Trade Month in the US!

When Dads sneak up and …

September 19, 2016

... inspire us!

OK, so my wonderful dad was ‘promoted’, as my US family says, 2+ years ago. But he sneaks up now and then – bringing me a smile and a tear every time. My guess is someone special does that for you too now and then!

Recently here he was – all in a moment – unseen, yet as full and as present as if physically in front of me. How did it happen?

I'm in a super fun writing group with others in business and a few weeks ago our coach’s dad joined us. It was fantastic; seeing their connection, listening to their wise, witty exchange and understanding more of how Stella Orange simply knows 'stuff’.

Getting into our weekly Shut Up & Write session, a number of us felt encouraged by and close...

Let's be clear on this? Yes, Let's be clear!

Change is in the air - seasons, politics and more. Whatever change comes, expected or not, one thing is certain - the need to create a clearing for it.

Curious? … It's important & urgent that you read on.

Creating a Clearing

Local farmers are making space for the new harvest. Clearing out barns and grain bins, deciding what to keep and what's to go. And it works both ways:

1. We make clearings to receive the good and enjoy bringing it in.
2. We get clear on what's not good and make a clearing in which to stand firm, resist.

It's the latter we must...

Adventure? Pick Me!

May 9, 2016

Sometimes just taking yourself to a different place and choosing the word Adventure can lead to amazing discoveries and re-discoveries too … like the word conversation.

Have you noticed a little radio silence from me lately – maybe not ;) If you're one who gives yourself permission to leave The Grid – well done! It more often just sneaks up on me and I find it's a while since .... So here we are, after 'a while' and I'm excited!

Recently I ventured over to Ohio for an event – Excellent host, superb venue and the chance to gather a tribe of us looking for direction. And we found it – through conversation and story – but I'd no idea how varied and vital those adventuresome conversations would be.


Shubho Noboborsho!

April 13, 2016

... what? What did you just say Jackie? I wished you all Happy New Year! Yeah, it's April ... move on girl!

Well that's likely the response from anyone with no Bengali blood in their veins - because April 14th is THE biggest event on the Bengali calendar in Bangladesh. The first day of the Bengali New Year:

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