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What a great week full of so much that's good and great about Bangladesh - the kind of stuff that doesn't make the news - but does make a difference!

Back to the Future!

Like a truly special visit to Motif's leather suppliers Babul, Forkan and their families. We've worked together since the start in 1998, sharing the ups and downs of any good relationship. As business has grown they've even bought their own homes and workshops! So, it was a superb opportunity to meet and celebrate their success AND the growing number of artisans they employ.

Riding there was a blast! Dhaka's rating as 9th largest...

An amazing first week here in Bangladesh! So fitting we celebrated International Women's Day on March 8th as I've connected with two of the most precious Bangladeshi women in my life, Mrs Carol Alexander and Anwara Begum. Both beautiful, strong examples of life lived with joy and grace. Both women inspire me and countless others too. Thank You God for these wonderful women - may they continue to know you more and make you...

As I head off into the wide blue yonder today it's exciting to know I'll be meeting up with wonderful family and friends again - doesn't that always bring a smile to your face too!? Both in the UK and in Bangladesh there are SO many precious relationships to enjoy together.

Our recent Motif Newsletter, CONNECT - where Fair Trade means business, is all about relationships too. If you've not read it already, grab your favourite brew - fair trade of course -...

Oh my! Is that '80s Tina Turner track running in your head now? ... sorry!

Well, although the answer to Tina's question was clearly "NOTHING." When it comes to Fair Trade the answer is "EVERYTHING!" In this month when the LOVE thing can get a bit overwhelming, it's good to celebrate the quality that fuels so much of what's good in life.

Three places I've strong ties with are understanding the impact of Fair Trade more and more - so it's a good month to hi-light them and encourage you in your Fair Trade choices too :)

Fair Trade Towns - Urbana & Champaign, IL

Not My Cup of Tea!

February 3, 2015

The Fair Trade and Anti-Trafficking Movements are inseperable. But, when we say that engaging people in fair trade jobs increases family security and reduces the potential for being trafficked - it can just be plain awkward finding statistics to back that up. How do you prove what DID NOT happen!

Sadly, the anecdotal evidence linking poor jobs to increased risk of trafficking is all too common. Such as the growing incidence of trafficking from tea plantations hi-lighted by

In Bangladesh as we speak

January 20, 2015

... there is a huge political stand-off that's crippling the nation's capacity to earn a decent daily wage - and the leaders responsible it seems couldn't care less!

Earler this week the count was 31 dead, hundreds injured and over 7,000 arrested since the start of January '15. Why? This link gives a simple background and shows what a terrible scenario is unfolding in Bangladesh, even as we speak! Please take a few moments to read this brief article, Dozens...

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