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Pope Francis & Fair Trade

September 25, 2015

Pope Francis is here in the US. And he's doing what this pope does very well. Pope Francis is bringing the rhetoric of politicians into the real world, and facing them with it.

A few days ago after addressing Congress, the Pope chose to

Refugees at Risk

September 8, 2015

Vast movements of people cause vast challenges - for everyone. Thinking of just a single family - a family like mine or yours - having to uproot life in panic is traumatic enough. But multiply each family member by 100s and 1,000s ... and now millions, the scale of fear, confusion, suspicion and rage experienced is exponential. And explosive.

The Syrian...

Fair Trade Vision & Fruit

August 18, 2015

It's really exciting when you see friends do well! So I was over the moon recently to see our long time friends Thanapara Swallows featured in a global news article for Fair Trade Fashion. Noteably in connection with international fashion icon Zandra Rhodes and Fair Trade Fashion company People...

OK - time for an unashamed promo piece of a fantastic support for kids & families around the world AND a way to double the benefit!

Since the end of World War II Lutheran World Relief (LWR) has been meeting the needs of many vulnerable people around our world. Thousands of Lutheran Church members all over the US tirelessly work on:

Woo - Hoo! Did you hear the cheers last Friday, 12th June? The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement deal fell at the first on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. Both Democrats and Republicans voted TOGETHER to place a formal hurdle in the President's path. 302 Against and only 126 For.

Does that surprise you? It should. How often does it happen that officials from both major parties find common ground? That alone shows this is no run o' th' mill trade deal.

What makes TPP SO bad?

The reasons are numerous and

Sacrifices Large ...

Today in the USA it's Memorial Day. Wherever we're from there's an annual opportunity in most nations to reflect on how who we are, what we do and all we have is in a large part the result of sacrifices others have made somewhere in our near or distant past.

Sobering thoughts for sure, and they ought to be. For the freedoms many of us enjoy around the world today we have legions of

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