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Charlottesville ?

August 14, 2017

Being a Brit here in the US I'm embarrassed to say I'd never read the full Declaration of Independence, until today. Trying to make cohesive thoughts from this current mess of injustice and emotion in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA took me there.

Those brave ones standing against the many horrors listed in that historical document make me pause, make me reflect on what caused those profound words, "... all men are created equal ..." to be written.


And I'm intrigued:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident,...

The Women in My Life

March 8, 2017

Today's the day I get to honor 2 wonderful Bangladeshi women at the heart of Motif with me. They pop up in posts from time to time but on this International Women's Day I want to blow their trumpets as I know for sure they won't!

Be sure and celebrate the women in your life today too - those who nurture, support and lead you in all manner of ways.


When the idea formed to start Motif in 1997 I knew it couldn't happen without Jharna as my partner. We had worked together since...

Part 2: Wisdom speaks ...

February 3, 2017

Remember that wild ride I spoke of a few weeks ago? Well, I just got off! Most of the time I'm in Dhaka it feels like I'm living 3 lives in one - and loving them all:

  • Heading up Motif and getting into all things new with products, suppliers and gearing up for the year ahead.
  • Enjoying time with good friends. Having known many since they were small it's a precious gift to still be together during preparations for higher studies, marriage and even parenthood.
  • My own life journey – always in God's hands, always a source of adventure yet not always what I'm looking for.

In that last...

Celebrating Safe Refuge

December 17, 2016

A safe place, a refuge - that's all Mary and Joseph were looking for. Far from home and expecting a baby any time ... And so begins the story of Jesus' birth, celebrated this month. And so begins the story of many newborns this year.

Refugees far from home, looking for a safe place to settle from now on, or until they can return. This year has seen an unprecedented number of people flee their homes and move en masse across many borders. Some have moved for fear, others for opportunity and many for myriad other reasons. All however are now at the same point - in a new place, with a different language, few if any possessions, strange customs, confusing systems, their kids' questions, family expectations and, in the midst of all this ... just maybe a little hope.

This week I had...

Freedom is a Gift Too.

December 8, 2016

Gift giving comes in all shapes and sizes. In the midst of generating the most joy for our pennies however, I really do want to keep it grounded, keep our hearts wholly focused on why we make these careful and caring gift choices.

International Justice Mission, IJM, is an anti-trafficking agency doing phenomenal work in setting people free. The deep gift of freedom is something most of us take for granted. I know I do - it's my norm, my right, a right for us all - but what if it's been taken away?

IJM's recent video, Supermaarko, is very tough to watch, and it needs to be - the lives they help liberate are awful to live. I'm hi-lighting their work today intentionally and hope you may also...

It's amazing the kind of joy that floods our souls when we freely give from our hearts! And with more options than ever to give magical gifts that amazingly give twice the joy created is exponential - in my math magic land 1 purchase = 6 times the joy ... what's your equation?

So, as promised, here are some great GO TO places for ethical and alternative gift giving this year:

#1 TOP Fair Trade Stop

Has to be YOUR local Fair Trade Shop -

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