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MindyNow back in the US and getting myself in gear here. I'm thankful for my strong comrade in the stand against trafficking and providing healthful, respectful work for vulnerable women in Bangladesh, Robin Seyfert of Basha, who shared

Trafficking is a despicable and disgusting crime. It's one I share about on this blog because in Bangladesh it is so close to our hearts and in spite of increasing efforts, human trafficking there is on the rise. Women, children and men too are trafficked into prostitution and other forced labour conditions in factories, on farms, in homes ... places where they cannot easily be traced, where most people don't care to look.

When this curious group of 8 gathered for a trip to Ecuador none of us imagined what would await us in the first 24hrs. On arrival at 1.30am our precious friends and hosts were there to meet us, pack us - bag and baggage - into a waiting van and whisk us off through deserted streets to a simple and safe place to rest ... for just a few hours!

Waking Up & Awakening

After 24 hrs travel that's all we had before waking to soft rain and refreshing showers! Sounds of unusual  birds, kids shouting, horns blaring and the rain falling harder and harder on the tin roof...

Stepping UP & Stepping OUT!

January 29, 2014

Let's be honest, it can be scary! Stepping Up is the stuff that happens inside, things we know. Stepping Out is the stuff that's outside, others see it - often whether we choose to demonstrate it or not ;) Can we have one without the other?

The reason I ask is that as January draws to a close and memories of our bold, brave resolutions  begin to fade, I want to help you hold on and retrieve them before it's too late! Before they retreat only to rise again in 11 months time ... you don't want that ... not really ... but how?

The self-doubt, time constraints and inner 'meany'...

Loom Chicago... a church basement ... well, when they did we all certainly had a good laugh, but it was no joke! In fact 15 of these amazing women walked into my life last month ... and I can't wait to see them all again next week!

LOOM - woven together is a group of women refugees who've arrived in the US this last year or so. Thanks to the work of

These are exciting days! In the last few years raising awareness of Anti-Human Trafficking has thankfully grown exponentially! I meet many young people now who are wholly disgusted by what's happening and wholly committed to being part of its demise.

This week is proving exciting because now a number of governments around the globe are Stepping Out to Stop the Traffik in meaningful ways.

Here are a few:


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