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It's amazing the kind of joy that floods our souls when we freely give from our hearts! And with more options than ever to give magical gifts that amazingly give twice the joy created is exponential - in my math magic land 1 purchase = 6 times the joy ... what's your equation?

So, as promised, here are some great GO TO places for ethical and alternative gift giving this year:

#1 TOP Fair Trade Stop

Has to be YOUR local Fair Trade Shop -

Hands up those who love the handmade? For sure at Motif we do - it's our lifeblood! Maybe you love the making or prefer the receiving but either way - there's just something inescapably precious about the handmade!

There's also something awe inspiring about how random raw materials take on a new life in the hands of a skilled artisan. Even more precious can be the love and dedication expressed in toddler's handmade card.

At every point on the spectrum, creativity and skills combine to produce something of value for somebody's, "Oh My! Look at THIS!"

Recently I've seen a couple of videos that stood out. I want to share them because they highlight very important reasons why, in our hi-tech age, the handmade still has a vital role.


Maybe I've done my job, shouted long and hard enough against this Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal and you're all on board - to which I add a Huge Hallelujah! and salute you!

BUT if you're still not convinced, or need to convince others, here's a letter received recently on the urgency of acting NOW, yes even TODAY - because...

When Dads sneak up and …

September 19, 2016

... inspire us!

OK, so my wonderful dad was ‘promoted’, as my US family says, 2+ years ago. But he sneaks up now and then – bringing me a smile and a tear every time. My guess is someone special does that for you too now and then!

Recently here he was – all in a moment – unseen, yet as full and as present as if physically in front of me. How did it happen?

I'm in a super fun writing group with others in business and a few weeks ago our coach’s dad joined us. It was fantastic; seeing their connection, listening to their wise, witty exchange and understanding more of how Stella Orange simply knows 'stuff’.

Getting into our weekly Shut Up & Write session, a number of us felt encouraged by and close...

Independence is a quality we all cherish; freedom to simply 'be'. Today - March 26th in 1971 - the people of East Pakistan defiantly declared their independence from rulers West Pakistan. Nine months of horrific war then followed before the nation of Bangladesh was born. The desire for independence...

"Because Fair Trade is a Life Saver!" - that little phrase holds a lot and everyone stopping at our Motif booth gets it - with of course this little sweet/candy called a 'Lifesaver'! - Brits, think fruit polos ;)

OK - a little too cute maybe BUT the message is way too important to ignore.

Thankful for ...

Over recent weeks many incidents of human trafficking have been exposed throughout the world. Awareness is rising and in this week of Thanksgiving here in the US, it truly is a time to be thankful...

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