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Shubho Noboborsho!

April 13, 2016

... what? What did you just say Jackie? I wished you all Happy New Year! Yeah, it's April ... move on girl!

Well that's likely the response from anyone with no Bengali blood in their veins - because April 14th is THE biggest event on the Bengali calendar in Bangladesh. The first day of the Bengali New Year:

Independence is a quality we all cherish; freedom to simply 'be'. Today - March 26th in 1971 - the people of East Pakistan defiantly declared their independence from rulers West Pakistan. Nine months of horrific war then followed before the nation of Bangladesh was born. The desire for independence...

By Special Request - read 'a hefty nudge' by my buddy Cindy ;) this post will help you find the best and brightest Fair Trade Easter chocolate goodies around - specifically in the USA!


Why USA?

Because in Europe and Australia you've...

‘Home is where the heart is!’ – It’s a truism that brings a smile no matter where in the world we are, and it’s something that carries a huge meaning for those of us committed to Fair Trade.

Why? Because we also think about the ‘Hearts within our Homes’



Hearts Within Our Homes

What does that mean? Well, take for example Halima and the other young women mentioned here. If her hands and heart have gone into making a beautiful jute product you...

Switch to Jute

March 7, 2016


We, the amazing artisans of Bangladesh, take jute - a naturally strong, locally grown fibre - and get creative!


In our skilled hands this impressive material is transformed into eco-friendly fashion goods, home décor and more.


Join the movement, SWITCH to JUTE and change the world with us today!



Over these last few months there's been a lot of to-ings & fro-ings in this little life! In January I was in Bangladesh on consultancy work and met some amazing, inspiring individuals. One young woman is still fresh in my mind and I'd like to introduce you.

Halima's Story ...

Halima (LEFT), at 18 years old is already a widow of 2 years. She and her husband had been married just over 2 years and he died 11 days before the birth of their baby girl.

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