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party animals!No - I'm not talking politics - I mean REAL parties ... the kind where you meet great people, enjoy the atmosphere and come away feeling better than before - Believe me ... it doesn't even have to include a hangover ;)

As summer draws to a close, this weekend in the USA is known as

Fair Trade Your Habit!

August 19, 2014

If your 'habit' is ice cream - you can fair trade it with a gallon of Ben & Jerry's. What about coffee? No problem, a myriad caffeine options are out there! And chocolate? We know dozens of alternative

Hope = Healing

August 14, 2014

With so much heartbreak and hardship going on in the world right now it is tough to keep even a hardened heart from despair, let alone the 'softened' ones often found in Fair Trade circles .... and in a well loved comedian.

Despair is a tough talking point, but it must be talked about to find any chance of being traded for something more HOPE-full. Our headlines are filled with tragic accounts of war, abuse and terror, with personal tragedies that touch us all. Yet a huge...

Fair trade, ethical, social enterprise, green business, eco-conscious entrepreneur, conscious capitalist ... the list goes on ... and you know what ... IT'S EXCITING!!!

Alternative Values

I'm serious! Honestly, back in the '80s we were all Alternative Trading Organisations (ATOs) - hands up who remembers those days ;) We worked in Alternative Trade, knew almost everyone in the world in Alternative Trade - it's true! - and few even thought about accreditation until the International Federation for Alternative Trade (IFAT) was born in 1989 with the vision "To improve the living conditions of the poor and oppressed in developing...

MindyNow back in the US and getting myself in gear here. I'm thankful for my strong comrade in the stand against trafficking and providing healthful, respectful work for vulnerable women in Bangladesh, Robin Seyfert of Basha, who shared

Last Days

Jharna, Jackie & Janae at product developmentFinishing sample development, meetings and finishing up my work on the inventory system filled my last days at Motif. It was good to be in the office everyday and spend time with these wonderful co-workers. We even saw one of the women who had left Motif return for work. She knew that Motif would receive her with open arms and provide a safe and consistent place to work.

Last Meals

Family hospitality :)Jackie had meetings to close her time here in Dhaka. She met with a web designer to discuss the plans and possibilities for Motif’s website....

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