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It's amazing the kind of joy that floods our souls when we freely give from our hearts! And with more options than ever to give magical gifts that amazingly give twice the joy created is exponential - in my math magic land 1 purchase = 6 times the joy ... what's your equation?

So, as promised, here are some great GO TO places for ethical and alternative gift giving this year:

#1 TOP Fair Trade Stop

Has to be YOUR local Fair Trade Shop -

Thanksgiving! It's different things to different people. For some it’s a time for family and friends. For others it’s a day off for football and food. One meaning that’s hard to escape though is that Thanksgiving is ALL about Giving Thanks.

Experts agree that giving thanks is good for us. People showing gratitude in their daily lives report fewer health problems and have more energy, enthusiasm and productivity than their more grumpy buddies!

If gratitude is so good for our personal lives, can expressing thanks at work impact our effectiveness too? ... Absolutely! Take a look at our Motif team - we love our happy, relaxed yet very productive working atmosphere.

It may sound a bit odd but, gratitude as a business strategy can be powerful....

Ding Dong the TPP is Dead!

November 14, 2016

Ding Dong the T is dead, the P is dead, the P is dead!
Ding Dong the TPP is dead!!

This free trade deal that both fair traders and free traders of every political stripe have been standing against for the last 6 years will take its next, and hopefully last, steps without US backing! Yeah!!!!

Over the weekend the White House announced it would not proceed to ratify the Trans Pacific Partnership during the presidential transition period (lame-duck session). This is ground breaking news of HUGE significance.

Interestingly, as a non-citizen here in the US, I'm seeing some subtle and not so subtle shifts in how the media is reporting this decision and want to unpack it a little here. I'd welcome your observations too.

Just for the...

Hands up those who love the handmade? For sure at Motif we do - it's our lifeblood! Maybe you love the making or prefer the receiving but either way - there's just something inescapably precious about the handmade!

There's also something awe inspiring about how random raw materials take on a new life in the hands of a skilled artisan. Even more precious can be the love and dedication expressed in toddler's handmade card.

At every point on the spectrum, creativity and skills combine to produce something of value for somebody's, "Oh My! Look at THIS!"

Recently I've seen a couple of videos that stood out. I want to share them because they highlight very important reasons why, in our hi-tech age, the handmade still has a vital role.


Maybe I've done my job, shouted long and hard enough against this Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal and you're all on board - to which I add a Huge Hallelujah! and salute you!

BUT if you're still not convinced, or need to convince others, here's a letter received recently on the urgency of acting NOW, yes even TODAY - because...

Let's face it - when they knock on the door at Halloween, telling kids that their bulging candy sacks help keep kids their age in slavery is not the sort of scary story they're expecting ... but it's true ... so what to do?

At our door we've a stack of Fair Trade chocolate minis and other goodies plus a great info card that I hand, with a sweet word and a smile, to a nearby adult. It's always appreciated - especially with a 10% off coupon attached!


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