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Charlottesville ?

August 14, 2017

Being a Brit here in the US I'm embarrassed to say I'd never read the full Declaration of Independence, until today. Trying to make cohesive thoughts from this current mess of injustice and emotion in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA took me there.

Those brave ones standing against the many horrors listed in that historical document make me pause, make me reflect on what caused those profound words, "... all men are created equal ..." to be written.


And I'm intrigued:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident,...

For all you amazing Fair Trade artisans out there looking for ways to generate more work, and therefore more income and security, for yourself and your family ... just stop a minute!

The Fair Trade wisdom for many years has been to craft the beautiful materials and time-honoured traditions of your region into goods that can sell in countries not your own. And certainly that is still a very effective way of generating larger orders.

However, our world is changing in a way that opens up new opportunities for Fair Trade artisans and farmers to generate more work locally - which for most of us is great news!

It's no secret that global tourism is on the rise. Read this quote from respected site, Statista:


How many tourist spots are there in your local area? Or places that host events, clubs that gather or even like-minded businesses looking for ethical alternatives to use for marketing?

Likely at least a handful once you start looking around; maybe you're already part of an established local network.

Custom Made & Fair Trade

Did you know that at Motif we make custom souvenirs for museums, cathedrals and other types of tourist spots? For all kinds of exhibitions and events too!

So, in a shameless act of self promotion, I'm inviting you to be in touch with us at Motif so we can see together how to move Fair Trade forward in your community, add to your reputation and your bottom line.


You know your fave Fair Trade spots at home, champion them to your friends and are a die-hard FT coffee drinker. But what about having that vibe continue with you on vacation, or even a day-trip? Times away where things go so right, when choices made have a mega 'feel-good' factor about them and we connect with people in meaningful ways. A time we experience real joy.

Of course there are growing numbers of Fair Trade Tours to check out but, not every trip can be like that. The following 10 tips can transform a regular vacation from a good time into one that's...

Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting and self-examination, begins with the new moon. It will last 30 days til the next new moon is seen. During Ramadan Muslims all over the world eat a special meal with family before sunrise 'Sehri', fast during daylight hours, then break the fast with good friends, colleagues and neighbours...

Fair Trade & BREXIT

May 15, 2017

This year's World Fair Trade Day was celebrated around the globe on 13th May - not least of all in the UK, an international leader in the Fair Trade movement for decades. However with multiple changes ahead for the UK government as it leaves the European Union, questions are being asked on just how much that lead can be sustained.

A recent article, UK can be leader or laggard on fair trade post Brexit  by David Burrows, hi-lights the major concerns, some of which are hi-lighted below:

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