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Governments do secret stuff. We hear about it in leaks and 'revelations'. Sometimes the secret stuff they do is downright scary - and that's true of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). 'The what?' you say. And I say, 'That's right!' Most of us have no clue about this series of trade talks - an agenda in discussion since 2010 - and that's intentional. For the citizens of each of the 12 member nations, including the USA.



World Fair Trade DayAlthough it may look like any other TXT MSG abbreviation ... it's not. BUT it does need to be used everywhere you can think of - especially on Saturday 10th May - Why? Because it's World Fair Trade Day and there's loads of great stuff you can get up to, both to celebrate and support it!

First things first tho' - as we enter into Easter Week it is definitely the time to sign the petition calling on HUGE chocolatier Ghirardelli...

Fair Trade Federation eventHonestly, after the best part of 3 days around some of the most well established fair traders in the US you're bound to feel great - right?

That's how it's been these first days of April in Indianapolis at the annual Fair Trade Federation event! After 25 years in this fantastic Fair Trade Movement it's so exciting to see 'NEW' emerging continuously.

I was...

It's 26th March, Independence Day, and Bangladesh is awash with the national colours green and red! A time for remembering the passion with which many fought and died for freedom in 1971. The vision inspiring them was one of peace and beauty to be enjoyed by all.

Not many National Anthems extol only the delights of their land, most are triumphal verses of conquest and pride sung with gusto. Bangladesh however is one of the few that treasures the peace and beauty to be found there. Take a couple of minutes and

Ama La Vida or Love Life - is Ecuador's motto for tourism and made perfect sense when flying home from Ecuador on Valentine's Day! A special time to reflect on how much love I'd experienced in those 10 days - phenomenal! When getting to know Jay, my hubby, in 2001 I was ticked off when he waxed lyrical about his first love ... he finally shared her name ... Ecuador! Now I understand why :)

Intense Love

When this curious group of 8 gathered for a trip to Ecuador none of us imagined what would await us in the first 24hrs. On arrival at 1.30am our precious friends and hosts were there to meet us, pack us - bag and baggage - into a waiting van and whisk us off through deserted streets to a simple and safe place to rest ... for just a few hours!

Waking Up & Awakening

After 24 hrs travel that's all we had before waking to soft rain and refreshing showers! Sounds of unusual  birds, kids shouting, horns blaring and the rain falling harder and harder on the tin roof...

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