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Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting and self-examination, begins with the new moon. It will last 30 days til the next new moon is seen. During Ramadan Muslims all over the world eat a special meal with family before sunrise 'Sehri', fast during daylight hours, then break the fast with good friends, colleagues and neighbours...

Fair Trade & BREXIT

May 15, 2017

This year's World Fair Trade Day was celebrated around the globe on 13th May - not least of all in the UK, an international leader in the Fair Trade movement for decades. However with multiple changes ahead for the UK government as it leaves the European Union, questions are being asked on just how much that lead can be sustained.

A recent article, UK can be leader or laggard on fair trade post Brexit  by David Burrows, hi-lights the major concerns, some of which are hi-lighted below:

A seasoned fair trader and a passionate student met at a wedding ...

No, it's not the start of a corny joke or even a romance! Just the beginning of a wonderful journey that is still unfolding .... just the way great stories do!

After the wedding Janae Smith and I were in touch and arranged an internship at Motif in Bangladesh via helping us exhibit at ALCHEMY in London, UK. Janae could practise her skills and education at the coalface of Fair Trade and Motif could benefit from her energy and new insights.

You can read Janae's exploits in these 2014 posts:

Motif Through an Intern's Eyes

A few weeks ago a post called 'From Stuck to Shift' resonated well - I could tell by the Hi-5s and deeper conversations that a few of us were in the same position - a bit like these crazy cats :)

In it I 'fessed up to the 'STUCK' I was in with our local Fair Trade Towns campaign!

Well, the timing was perfect as I got fired up at the recent

What an amazing time a whole passel of Fair Trade folk had in Louisville, KY last week! Over 200 members and friends of the Fair Trade Federation gathered to be encouraged and equipped for digging deeper into this global Fair Trade Movement. #FTFLouisville


The days when orders are coming in and work for artisans is plenty are wonderful! Yes, there are always problems with raw materials, transport, weather, cash flow, national holidays and more BUT people are employed. Wages are earned, self respect built, children educated and family security ensured. The main reason we're in Fair Trade business is being worked out and we're happy!

So, when the lean times come and production is simply ticking over, or maybe even stopped, it's a time of serious concern. It's a time we have to ask ourselves the big WHY?

This poem The Real Work, helps us see that in times like this we need to reflect before looking ahead.

The Real Work  Wendell...

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