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... and yes, I do mean everything ... even the intimate stuff!

But first, I found this wonderful blog about the amazing women at Amani ya Juu (Peace from Above) and some of the beautiful pieces they create. What makes this blog particularly cool is that everything they stitch, weave and more, is shown in the context of a wedding plan.

With a number of good friends now planning their weddings for next spring/summer, this is a simple enough principle for anyone looking to fair trade any event. Thinking of stationery,

Here's a big 'Shout Out' for Nayan! We are very proud of Nayan Barua, Motif's Executive - Commercial and Production. Outside of his daily responsibilities with Motif, Nayan is Secretary for the Bangladesh chapter of the World Barua (Buddhist) Organisation WBO and is Editor of their monthly publication.

A few days ago Nayan left to join this international...

Last weekend I went flying - literally! An amazing experience in a WWII Stearman bi-plane used for training bomber pilots - THANK YOU hubby for such a spontaneous and thrilling gift!

As the pilot behind me did all the flying I enjoyed the excitement of cruising in the open air at 800ft and 100mph ... superb! It was a glorious sunny day and one of the many sights to stir me was of the strong shadows being cast. When in the shade of large trees and buildings it's not easy to grasp that shadow's peculiar changing shape.

Then this week I read something that got me thinking in a similar way about fair trade. When we're...

party animals!No - I'm not talking politics - I mean REAL parties ... the kind where you meet great people, enjoy the atmosphere and come away feeling better than before - Believe me ... it doesn't even have to include a hangover ;)

As summer draws to a close, this weekend in the USA is known as

Fair Trade Your Habit!

August 19, 2014

If your 'habit' is ice cream - you can fair trade it with a gallon of Ben & Jerry's. What about coffee? No problem, a myriad caffeine options are out there! And chocolate? We know dozens of alternative

Hope = Healing

August 14, 2014

With so much heartbreak and hardship going on in the world right now it is tough to keep even a hardened heart from despair, let alone the 'softened' ones often found in Fair Trade circles .... and in a well loved comedian.

Despair is a tough talking point, but it must be talked about to find any chance of being traded for something more HOPE-full. Our headlines are filled with tragic accounts of war, abuse and terror, with personal tragedies that touch us all. Yet a huge...

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